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Into - Assasin's Inn

Post  Kaykuyo on Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:51 am

It was a warm, sunny day. Much like most of the days during the summer are. A
young woman stretches, reaching towards the sky. She openes one of her closed eyes, and
lets out a very loud, obnoxious yawn. Her two companions turn their heads upwards towards
her. The woman crossed her bare, toned legs, leaning back a little. She pauses only a moment,
before breathing in, and hopping off the wooden fence she was sitting on. The dust from
the road settles around her large boots before she places her hands on her small waist.
"Well?" She says, raising her eyebrow at her two companions.
The girl sitting in the grass stands up, and tightens her pigtails. Her own small
hands clench into fists at her sides. She lookes to the man in the group. He tilts his head
back, letting his own dark locks fall away from his forehead.
"Its too hot." Jiro complains loudly, looking up towards the other dark-haired girl,
Kiya. Kiya looks from Jiro to Kaykuyo, the woman standing against the fence. Kaykuyo dug her
feet into the grass, the blades ripping under the pressure.
"To the tree and back?" Kaykuyo pointed a finger across the small feild, to a tall
oak standing in the middle of the grass.
"If you think you can make it." Kiya teased, tensing herself as well. Without a word
the girl took a step foward to leap up over the fence. As if expecting the sudden start,
Kaykuyo simply put her hand on the top rail of the fence, launching herself over. They hit
the gorund in unison, and were off running together. Jiro laughed as they ran, leaning
back again against the fence.
"Those two.." He muttered, looking over his shoulder to see how they were doing.
It looked like Kaykuyo was winning; of course, he thought. Kaykuyo was the faster of the
two. When he noticed them turn around before reachign their destination, Jiro stood up.
"What in the.." It wasn't like them; together they were like a brick wall. Is kiya cheating?
That wouldnt surprise him, but what happened next did. A dozen black creatures came up from
over the hill. "Woah-woah! Hey!" He hopped over the fence. "Get back here!"
"We're coming, we're coming! Just shut up and start running!" Kaykuyo shouted
as she got closer, launching herself clear over the fence passed Jiro. Jiro, though, knelt
down to the ground as Kiya got close, giving her the boost she'd need to clear the fence.
After his sister was cleared over the fence, stumbling over her own feet, he took off after


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